In the News - 2012

University Denies Accusations Of Showing Racial Bias In Admissions: We Do It To Diversify Our Student Population, It Claims.
Human Resources Journal - 10/25/12
Holland Sentinel - 10/24/12

University Of Oklahoma Accused Of Showing Racial Preference Before State Affirmative Action Vote

Huffington Post - 10/23/12

University accused of racial discrimination in admissions
OUDaily - 10/23/12

Think tank alleges racial discrimination in University of Oklahoma admissions
Newsok - 10/23/12

OU Accused Of Racial Discrimination When Admitting Students - 10/23/12

Study suggests racial preferences in place at OU
San Francisco Chronicle - 10/22/12

Study Claims OU Shows Racial Discrimination
Fox News Oklahoma City - 10/22/12

Study Finds Admission Discrimination at the University of Oklahoma
Tulsa News - 10/22/12